So...I've decided I'm going to be taking a much needed hiatus

by Jobrows on 7th Jun 2015, 11:03 AM

I have been mega depressed lately and have only been able to work on it on the weekends due to being super busy throughout the week with my two jobs. Drawing felt forced because I had a time crunch and I was unable to do anything else on my days off from work but draw because it was the only time I could draw. This has been making me feel crappy about taking social time to hang out with friends and guilty whenever I WASN'T drawing on the weekends. And I don't want it to feel like that. So I'm going to hit pause on the production of the comic right now, I'll pick it back up again soon I promise I just need some down time. The short week break I gave my self before wasn't enough.
Sorry if any of you were keeping up on my comic and were hoping for an update today. I have all the pages for this chapter storyboarded out so it isn't lack of ideas for the pages, it's lack of motivation and time to do them right now.

Apologies for the delay

by Jobrows on 26th Apr 2015, 11:15 PM

Sorry there will be a delay for this page. With this past week being finals and dealing with my thesis installation, I am behind with this week's page. It will likely be finished and posted tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.